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What is Recruiting-as-a-Service?

The RaaS model is similar to SaaS in that instead of paying a large price tag upfront for a service or product, you pay an affordable hourly or monthly cost - you’re paying for time and expertise provided. In return, you get your own on-demand and highly specialized recruitment team without heavy placement fees, and incentivizes the provider to elevate the client and candidate experience rather than treating it like a one-time transaction.

What are the main advantages of Recruiting-as-a-Service?

Click here to learn more — Why Us? Typically more affordable than placement fee agencies and you get the best of both worlds in that you have an experienced recruiter who is focused on serving the client, cuts down your time spent and hiring costs on filtering candidates, higher quality candidates due to a dedicated team being assigned, specialist recruitment expertise and knowledge, and flexible service terms.

What if I already have my own recruiters?

We partner very well with in-house recruiters and serve as an extension of your recruiting team. Recruiters love us as we help take certain roles off their plate, and (or) help with top of the funnel sourcing so that they can focus on building out scalable recruiting processes/ first interviews.

Do you provide diversity hiring?

Yes, our team is trained on DEI hiring practices. We perform an in-depth understanding of your specific diversity hiring goals, what ‘diversity’ means to you and your company, the ways you are encouraging policies and implementation of diversity hiring and ensure our processes align or supplement yours for diversity hiring.

What is your pricing?

Click here for our Pricing options — Our pricing allows our clients to have transparency and control. Startups typically need the flexibility to stop, pause or change the roles they initially had planned - our hourly model is the most flexible pricing option, and is structured as an at-will contract. Under this pricing arrangement, there is no upfront cost to get us started. For more established companies who want the flexibility but consistency of monthly billing, as well as guaranteed service delivery milestones - our monthly model provides that peace of mind along with the ability to assign and re-assign different roles as-needed.

What Roles Do You Work On?

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients, as such we work on all types of technical and non-technical roles that most companies would need. Our clients love to give us hard to fill roles that no one specializes in.

Do you work on global roles?

We’ve hired across 14 different countries. We understand every role, culture and company mission is different, and are proud of the diversity of our recruiting team - schedule a Discovery Call with us to find out if we can provide recruiting for the country/city you need.

Do you have expertise in a particular industry or role type?

We tailor our services to what our clients request, as such we are industry agnostic. Our clients from seed to large public companies span across various industries including software, ecommerce, healthtech, financial, edtech, fintech, food&beverage, aerospace, defense, manufacturing etc. We discuss the roles you are interested in hiring for, especially for very specialized roles, and set transparent expectations up front.

Do I get a dedicated team of recruiters?

Yes, with The Sourcery you have peace of mind that you are assigned a dedicated team necessary for the services and roles you require. You will also have a main point of contact from our Customer Success team who will be your go-to person for all communications, weekly status meetings, pipeline management, and feedback.

What if I have my own ATS?

We integrate with your ATS. Setup one login for us and we will submit and manage the pipeline along with your processes. If you don’t have an ATS, we suggest processes that will be most efficient for you as it pertains to candidate pipeline management.

Do you perform outreaches with client domain?

Our outreaches are focused on promoting your company, the hiring manager, and the role on behalf of the client company. Sometimes we use our client domains for the outreaches, however based on experience and statistics most candidates prefer to speak to recruiters.

Do you charge placement/success fees?

No, we don’t charge placement/success fees. We believe in being incentivized on providing the service of building a quality pipeline that belongs to our clients, rather than being incentivized on how much the fee is going to be based on the role and salary compensation that the client is willing to pay. Charging fees based on per hire limits our clients from building a winning team due to how costly it can be. Click here for our Pricing options.

Do you offer placement guarantees?

No, we don’t offer placement guarantees given that our services are comparable to renting an in-house team of recruiters rather than having to hire full-time recruiters. In-house recruiters provide the service of recruiting with the ultimate goal of hiring, whereas placement or contingency agencies are only compensated upon making a hire thus their fees are a lot higher to cover time spent across all clients; resulting in candidates being shared across all clients and some even turning down roles deemed to be too hard to fill and time consuming. However, even though we don’t offer placement guarantees - our transparency, biweekly reporting and status meetings and target metrics provide our clients with the assurance that we are constantly tracking our performance.

Is your team USA based?

Our recruiters are USA based and average 8 years of recruiting experience. Recruiting is their passion. Click here to meet the team and learn about why they are passionate about helping match candidates to awesome companies.

Is there a minimum number of roles you require to start?

Our hourly model requires no minimum number of roles in order to go-live. We start from as little as one role, which we have done with many clients who have since added 20+ roles as we continue to build up a winning team for them.

Is the contract for a fixed term?

Our hourly model is the most flexible at-will engagement we provide, where clients can pause or stop the engagement within reasonable notice. Our monthly model is for a specific duration, but also has flexible terms. Click here for our Pricing options.

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No contingency fees, no flooding your inbox with off target resumes

Every client is unique, just as every role and candidate is unique. Let’s connect, we want to understand your needs and share how we can help spin up a winning team for you.

Speak to a USA based representative now by calling us at 415-423-2764 or schedule a consultation to speak to us this week about your hiring strategy.

"We were able to hire a string of engineers in a very short time. The Sourcery took a ton off our plates immediately. Like In-House Recruiters, but better... It's hard to juggle the work to build the product and hit the milestones while also managing the hiring process."

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