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Course Hero: Course Hero Named a “Top Workplace” After Making 22 Hires In 14 Months

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Pantheon: Startup CEO Hits Aggressive Product Launch Targets by Hiring with The Sourcery

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Scribd: Scribd Grows to 80+ Employees Without an In-House Recruiting Team


Telmate: How The Sourcery Reinforced a One-person Team with Additional Recruiting Resources

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ThoughtSpot: ThoughtSpot Nearly Doubled Their Team and Improved Their Hiring Process

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John Witchel: A Tech Co-founder’s Secret Hiring Sauce

Just A Few Companies Who Trust Us
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See Results Below & How We Have Helped Transform Various Companies

“I’ve placed more than 20 software engineers through The Sourcery. They do a fantastic job of minimizing hiring overhead.”

John Witchel

Co-Founder, Prosper
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“Over the past year, we’ve managed to hire one engineer a month. In fact, it’s even increased a bit. We’ve found that whenever we want to add a couple more positions, The Sourcery can respond quickly. I keep telling our CEO, ‘I think we can keep this up, but it still feels better than I expected.’

Josh Tyler

VP Engineering & Design
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“If you are building a product and engineering company in Silicon Valley, recruiting has to be one of the core competencies at your company. There’s just no way around it. It’s too difficult. So you need to allocate a large percentage of your time and your budget to do recruiting, and you need to surround yourself with people who know how to do it well, and who can teach you how to do it well. The Sourcery is a one-stop-shop for solving recruiting problems, and definitely an option you should strongly consider.”

Jared Friedman

CTO & co-founder
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No contingency fees, no flooding your inbox with off target resumes

Every client is unique, just as every role and candidate is unique. Let’s connect, we want to understand your needs and share how we can help spin up a winning team for you.

Speak to a USA based representative now by calling us at 415-423-2764 or schedule a consultation to speak to us this week about your hiring strategy.

"We were able to hire a string of engineers in a very short time. The Sourcery took a ton off our plates immediately. Like In-House Recruiters, but better... It's hard to juggle the work to build the product and hit the milestones while also managing the hiring process."

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Zach Rosen
Co-founder & CEO, Pantheon
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